Our Process

Much like with our own bodies, often individual computer issues are caused by other, underlying problems that we may not even know exist. At Lifeline we believe that prevention is key to keeping your system running like new, especially with the costs of hardware and service! When your computer comes into our shop, we give it a battery of tests to test its overall health. While these tests certainly can't predict ALL failures, they can often help us give you the most accurate picture of the health of your machine.

When your machine lands on our bench

  • We run a series of tests on the hard drive(s), looking for errors, slowdowns, and impending failures.
  • We run a series of tests on the memory, again looking for errors
  • We check for error logs, device errors, etc.
  • We clean out the inside of the machine, removing dust and checking your fans
  • If we suspect heat may be a problem, we perform additional tests there as well
  • After your service is complete, we tune-up and optimize your system
  • After tune up, we install critical system updates

Our goal is never to meet your minimum expectation. We understand that your technology is critical to your life, and we expect to make it run the best it possibly can for as long as it possibly can.